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IT Environmental Stewardship: The Edgeium Difference

Environmental sustainability in the IT sector is more critical than ever. At Edgeium, we are committed to reducing e-waste and promoting a circular economy through the ...

How We Saved $190,000: A Smart Approach to Network Hardware Upgrades

In today's fast-paced technology landscape, businesses are often pressured to adopt the latest hardware. However, making informed purchasing decisions based on actual ...

Unlocking the Full Potential of IT Asset Recovery

In today’s fast-paced IT landscape, managing the lifecycle of your hardware is as crucial as the technology itself. IT Asset Recovery stands out as a vital strategy, not ...

UPoE Me, Please!!

Did you know that access points can behave differently depending on how much power they are receiving? The addition of a new device drawing the smallest amount of power ...

Want to Manage C9300s in the Meraki Dashboard?

Interested in adding C9300s to the Meraki Dashboard?

Network Hardware Buying Guide

Whether you’re heading into hardware procurement to find the latest and greatest network devices or shopping for secondary market hardware, there are a few ...

IT Asset Recovery: Fast Track Your Network's Financial Gain

As an IT professional, you’re familiar with the equipment graveyard present in many offices. Dusty old hardware, destined for the trash heap — eventually… Instead of ...

Cisco IOS Updates Without SMARTnet

Did you know that IOS updates are available from Cisco and DO NOT always require a SMARTnet contract?

Catalyst 9300s Explained

Cisco has managed to blow our minds with switch options so I am going to try and simplify what the 9300 options are and how they compare. There are 84 different models… ...

Do you suffer from CINO?!?

Do you suffer from CINO?

New mGig more of a “meh” gig?

Is the new mGig feature more of a “meh” gig?

We need microchips. Are You Prepared for a One-year Pause?

Or, Can you afford to be? It may sound like an exaggeration, but Cisco 9200Ls were quoted to a client at 434 days lead time this week. That’s Easter of 2023! Microchip ...

PANIC! At the Cisco

Unfortunately, high hopes won’t get you very far if you’re trying to purchase and install new Cisco before year end. Lead times continue to grow and the environmental ...

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