IT Environmental Stewardship: The Edgeium Difference


IT Environmental Stewardship: The Edgeium Difference

Environmental sustainability in the IT sector is more critical than ever. At Edgeium, we are committed to reducing e-waste and promoting a circular economy through the sale of pre-owned network hardware.

Most OEMs publish Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) data about their products, indicating that network switches can last an average of 43 years. This demonstrates that the typical 5-year hardware lifecycles are unnecessary for network hardware, as we don’t consume network technology as quickly as we do compute and storage.

By extending the lifecycle of IT assets, we not only help our clients save on costs but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation.

The Environmental Impact of E-Waste

Did you know that e-waste, or electronic waste, is responsible for 2% of the global carbon output annually? E-waste represents a significant environmental challenge because of the rapid rate at which it accumulates. 

Here are some statistics on e-waste and its impact on the environment:

  • Global Generation: In 2022, the world produced a record 62 million tons of e-waste, a reminder of the growing problem posed by discarded electronics. 
  • Recycling Rates: Despite the high volumes of e-waste generated, only 22.3% was collected and recycled in an environmentally-conscious manner. This low recycling rate means that valuable and scarce materials worth billions of dollars, which could be recovered, are lost.
  • Toxic Substances: E-waste contains hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and flame retardants, which can leak into the soil and waterways, contaminating them and causing severe health and environmental problems. According to UNU, just 50 tons of mercury are used annually in computer monitors, and this mercury can enter the environment through improper disposal.How Edgeium Promotes Environmental Sustainability

By reselling network hardware, Edgeium helps cut down on the tons of e-waste produced globally each year. This practice keeps electronic components out of landfills and supports the circular economy, reducing the need for new manufacturing and the extraction of precious metals and resources like lithium, aluminum, gold, and copper.

Here are some of the ways we promote environmental sustainability:

  • Extending IT Hardware Lifecycle: By allowing devices to be used longer, Edgeium helps save natural resources and prevents hardware from ending up in landfills. Our services reduce the need for frequent upgrades, which in turn minimizes excess gear.
  • Minimizing E-Waste: Once hardware is available for resale, we provide avenues for other companies to purchase and reuse these devices, effectively doubling their useful life.
  • Promoting a Circular Economy: We enable companies to reuse older assets safely, significantly extending the lifetime of each asset.

Quantifying Our Environment Impact 

Every time a customer renews CovrEDGETM, we help lower their carbon footprint. Significant resources are saved in manufacturing, shipping, and installing new hardware simply for maintenance eligibility. 

Our 2023 Environmental Impact:

  • Hardware Repurposed: 14,058 units (B-Grade, NOB, REF, USED, or -WS)
  • Hardware Purchased for Reuse: 56,209 items, amounting to 1.1 million lbs of hardware kept out of landfills
  • Reduced Environmental Toxins: 281,160 lbs (just under 150 tons) through recycling
  • Recovered IT Hardware Value: $42,743,094 for customers
  • Years Dedicated to Reducing Emissions: 6 years since founding in 2018

Future Initiatives and Goals

Edgeium is continuously exploring ways to reduce its environmental footprint. We are looking into more eco-friendly packaging options, including the use of recycled boxes. 

Our custom modular packaging is designed for reuse to get multiple shipments out of the same piece of customer packaging. 

Since founding in 2018, we have remained dedicated to reducing emissions and promoting sustainability. Edgeium is not just an IT solutions provider; we are stewards of positive environmental change. By choosing Edgeium, you are partnering with a company dedicated to reducing e-waste, promoting a circular economy, and ensuring that IT operations are both financially and environmentally sustainable. Join us in making a significant impact—one refurbished device at a time.